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the divine hima standalone restaurant and the boutique bungalow wrapped around it
is my baby.
this baby has had its support in its fledgling years
from my supportive mother
an eager wife and a son and a daughter.
my father, who probably is sipping wine with good old god right now
wanted me to be an electrical engineer, like himself.
but as things would have it, there were some aberrations in the genetic code
which led me to become a geologist.
i am sure he must be turning happy in his grave today.

i was always an outdoor kid.
being a geologist took me to wilderness
for months on end for twenty five years
and on most evenings i’d end my day hunched over a wood fire
cooking, improvising, experimenting, a couple of rums warming my gut…
and then, after all them years, i hung up my worn-out boots
to lead my life’s experiences to the divine hima.

this audacious menu is a labor of love and took years in the making.
it is ever evolving and never quite complete.
it embodies a whole lot of passion
and is my personal pursuit towards excellence.

there will be,
in moments of restaurant rush
a few minutes here and there in delivering your order
but remember, we cook from scratch.

waiting for your order?
walk up to the terrace, go to the library.
see the photography. go through the poetry.
talk to me…
breathe in the divine hima.

other than the food
the vibes will fill up your tummy!!
bon appétit!!
(The titles of different sections have been inspired from famous movies from all over the world)

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the divine hima reviews

Bobbi Paidel

Extraordinary experience dining and staying at Divine Hima! A true mountain luxury experience. Excellent staff and amazing food. Best siddus ever, the pickle bar to wow and the complimentary breakfast was next level. Highly recommended.

Rajita Ramachandram

Beautifully and aesthetically done space with warm servers and good food. The indoor heaters are a blessing in the winters, something which many other restaurants don't care to provide oddly despite being in a cold place. The fish starters are great and the Mutton Rogan Josh is delicious

Nikita Vadhera

Tired of the cold vibe of the Chain Hotels ??
Divine Hima is the ideal saviour !!
Great food , Amazing Achaar’s & Chutneys .
The place is beautifully designed by the owner . Every corner tells a unique story !! Sanjay Ji has an amazing collection and is a very humble host

Ajay Bajaj

If you are foodie and want to visit a place which gives you amazing ambience experience, then you can visit this place n number of times! Owners are supercreative!

Dhruv Rathi

Legendary .. Very satisfied with the food . Awesome interiors, furniture and ambience. Loved whatever I ordered. Recommend to try out their must try deserts.