A geologist by profession, for 25 years I gathered the Himalayas in my heart. Living in the shadows of these majestic mountains, awed by their splendor, humbled by their immense vastness, my life has been filled with worship for these peaks. Years of wandering through soaring peaks, remote, staggeringly beautiful landscapes led me to photography and months of solitude coaxed me to cooking …

Wilderness subtly manifests itself in every nook and corner of the Divine Hima … The Divine Hima is a journey … a tribute … a culmination … of my life’s wonderment with the Himalayas.

Located on the verdant slopes of the Dhauladhar Fluvio-Glacial planation surface, riding on exotic granite boulders and nestled between ancient tea gardens, the Divine Hima is a mellow blend of serenity, tranquillity and spirituality.

A marriage of guestrooms, photographic art, geology, artefacts, positivity, a library, a fire room, meditation, yoga, trekking, nature walks.

At one with nature

You will stumble upon otherwise mundane objects derived from ramblings in the wilderness.
Wilderness that subtly manifests itself in nooks and corners of the Divine Hima.

Were you to wish to be lost in the hushed solitude of the Himalayas on trekking or nature walks, you would be at the right address….and who knows, (ahem) you could be accompanied by a geologist too!

Divine comforts await you

Want to curl up on a sofa with a good book in the library? You are on.

Kids or you wanna watch an animation or an in house movie? Numerous DVDs are stacked in the specially designed library.

Want to make memories with a family-snuggle-up in the fire room? You are close!
Meditation? Yoga? Yoga teacher? Massage?

A carpeted octagon atop the Divine Hima awaits you.

Imagine living inside an art gallery?

A hundred stories permeating with each photograph. Photographs taken with a pin-hole heart…and then…to discover the pin-hole in your heart..!

The camera becomes irrelevant…

The art gallery permeates into the guestrooms…the guestrooms permeate into the guests… the guests permeates into nature…confusing?

Not Really. Very simple.
Check into the Divine Hima!